Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Sanriem

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Gamemaster: Zegon Destructacon

"O, keepers of the crystal.
The memories to the light shall flow,
forgotten jewels that lose their glow.
In time they shall return anew,
to be gathered like drops of dew.
Journey Forth!
Seek the water of life."

Pre-audition logs - What do you mean we have a life?

Auditions - Gwesus wants YOU to join the caravan!

Training Camp - Let's see what you've got.

Sanriem Caravan - Year One
Odin 2nd, 1360: To the sea!

Loot from Selbina Beach
Mail moogle from Selbina Beach

Characters and their players:
Dorn Ahlatt - Lilty Fighter - played by Will
Harmony Lenora - Selkie Fighter - played by Brett
Imza Doltt - Lilty Fighter - played by Robin
Kupel - Moogle Spellcaster - played by Demota
Leran Hasgord - Clavat Fighter - played by Chamelaeon
Mona Masahcarey - Lilty Expert - played by Mechalink
Ne Rina Arata - Selkie Expert - played by Ciara
Nicole "Nikki" Diodorus - Clavat Spellcaster - played by Ardweden
Sai Link Green - Selkie Expert - played by Jex
Xanithern Rylxis - Yuke Spellcaster - played by Rowyn

Mugoichi - Moogle Spellcaster - played by Shadow

Game Rules and Customizations

Background Topics and Information

Crafting Skills and Recipies

Composers and their song locations.
Intro Theme: Yae - Kaze no Ne
Ending Theme: DJ Sakin & Friends - No Man's Land (David's song)
Chocobo Theme: Nobuo Uematsu - Ukulele de Chocobo
Resting / Journal Entry: Starblaze - Chrono Cross: Dreamer OC ReMix
Auditions: Spekkosaurus - Chrono Trigger: The Trial in Concert OC ReMix

Player Character themes
Dorn Ahlatt: Angel Dust - Black Rain
Harmony Lenora: La'cryma Christi - Mirai Kouro
Leran Hasgord: Klaus Badelt - He's a Pirate
Mona Masahcarey: Kenji Ito - Determination
Nicole "Nikki" Diodorus: B52's - Roam
Ne Rina Arata: N. Pallot and Delerium - Truly
Sai Link Green: Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Non-Player Character themes
Ezen Dar Illich: Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name
Selik Archanist: Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

Sanriem Gateway
Sanriem: Yoko Shimomura - Hometown Domina
Selbina Beach: Yoko Shimomura - To the Sea
Gernon Downs (Normal): Orkybash - Heroes of Might & Magic 2: The Meadows OC ReMix

Tipa Penensula
Tipa Village: Kumi Tanioka - The First Village
River Belle Path: Kumi Tanioka - Departure
Goblin Wall: Kumi Tanioka - Goblin's Lair

Kerstantch Highlands
Ramlia: Michiko Naruke - Bad Guys and Bad Land
Kerstantch Woods (Day): David Arkenstone - The Magic Forest
Nenva Caverns: Kenji Yamamoto - Lava Caves
Elsha Bluff: Prophecy - Chekan Winter

Quellen Crossroads
Quellen Village: Steve Pordon - Skies of Arcadia: Dungeon Cave (Buried Alive Mix) OC ReMix
Port Quellen: Ryan8Bit - Chrystalis: Calming the Angry Sea OC ReMix
Tosca Cliffs: Yoko Shimomura - Distant Truth
Tower of Leires: Yoko Shimomura - Earth Painting

'Unknown' Themes
Unknown: F-Zero GX - QQQ
Unknown: Dynasty Warriors 3 - Sacred Ground
Unknown: Sonic Adventure 2 - Supporting Me
Unknown: Kenji Yamamoto - Ice Valley
Unknown: Kenji Yamomoto - Artifact Temple
Unknown: Dshu - Pirate Prelude / Snappleman - Thrash the Plank
Unknown: SuperGreenX - Ecco 2: the Tides of Time: Drift OC ReMix
Unknown: Kenji Yamamoto - Ending Staff Roll
Unknown: Kenji Ito - Alone

Random Stuff
The Last Audition by Ardweden (Sung to The Last Unicorn)
Kupel plushie! owned by Demota
Harmony by Brett

Character Generation
Character Generation Rules
Character Sheet Template
In-character Application
Example character sheet
Bio-page template
Bio-page explaination
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