Tokyo-Earth.  2039.

Everyone knows that Magical Girls are the natural rulers.  They are loyal, honest, mostly good-natured, and have led the city out of the disaster of the last war into prosperity and world leadership.  Nobody has dared challenge them for decades - not on their home turf.  Very few have wanted to.

Last night, that all changed.

H-1 is an online roleplaying campaign in the Tristat dX system.  It is played out entirely within IRC chat, using only a dicebot and occasional web link to static information.  The game runs Saturdays at about 1600 Eastern time in #H-1 and #HuntersOOC on  The game is currently running, and applications for PC slots are not presently being accepted.  Contact Ked in #BESM on if you have any questions or comments.  Guests are always welcome in both channels, but we ask that you do not interrupt active scenes in the game channel.

Character generation documents and information:

Source Fiction (this document is a full part of game canon)
Chargen Details (April 20 - HS rule change)
Setting Details (Tokyo-Earth)
  Tokyo-Earth politics and parties (UNFINISHED)
Security Table of Organization


One: The Devil You Know

Session One: Intersection
Session Two: Inspection
Session Three: Accomodation
Session Four: Interview 1
Mini Four: Research
Session Five: Entree
Session Six: Exploration
Session Seven: Interview 2
Session Eight: Flight
Session Nine: Interpretation
Session Ten: Completion
Session Eleven: Community
Session Twelve: Council
Session Thirteen: Show
Session Fourteen: Tell
Mini Fourteen 1: Lesson
Mini Fourteen 2: Asymptotic
Session Fifteen: Blockbuster
Session Sixteen:
Session Seventeen:

raw logs


(more to come!)