Darkly twisted magical girl roleplaying in the dX system.

Tokyo.  2003.

Everyone knows there are magical girls.  They're worse than cockroaches - kill one, and five more take her place.  They seem to fill a useful function, but they do get underfoot.

Somone has decided to do something about them.  Something permanent.

Too bad for them the Ladies aren't going to take this lying down.

Source Fiction (not canon) and Chargen Document

The game logs:

As the Time Draws Nigh...

The Sea Shall Shake,

The Earth Will Quake,

And All Queens Will Die.

The players:

Lady Mysteria / Maya Uzuki - Darkheart
Lady Heat / Kyouko Mizui - Insanity-kun
Lady Royal / Minami Terazaki - Sharyna
Lady Nightshade / Taki Kurosaki - Rutt
Lady Mallet / Leena Leena - Jex
Lord Chimera / Kenji Masamoto - Rags
Lady Make-Believe / Haruko Seijouno - Lafing_Cat
Lord Darkmoon / Rin Seishou - Segev

The Music:

(H-1 OST list coming soon)

The Artwork:

Lady Mallet - by Joshann
Lord Darkmoon - by Joshann
Taki - (unknown)
The Mystic Warriors - by Girl_Cat
Sugar Glider - at Wikipedia

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