Mystery Club 3: Humanae Vitae

Run by: Brett

Sequel to Mystery Club 2: Supernatural Investigation Unit
This game has ended, but the story continues in the sequel.

Session 1: Blob Extinguishing Leaving Already?
Session 2: What Exactly These People are Capable of
Session 3: Either Voodoo or Voodon't Lukas Call
     Session 3.1: The Dancing Fiend
Session 4: Tuxedo Kappa The Funded Demon Relocation Project for a Better London
Session 5: Box Factory Raid You've Got Mail
Session 6: Red Dragon
Session 7: The Wei of the Martial Arts Phone Herman
Session 8: Equal Opportunity Employment... And All That.
Session 9: Father of Cybernetics German Speak
Session 10: Wind Waker More German Speak Lukas Phone
     Session 10.1: A Hacker, a Wizard and a Blind Man Walk into a Bar...
Session 11: Love at First Sight The Greater Good
Session 12: Gerbonics
Session 13: Spriggan! Ahead of the Pace
Session 14: One Up Wrasslin'
Session 15: The Ol' Switcharoo Togo and Herman's Room Lukas and Khalil's Room Ashley's Room
Session 16: The Deep Dark Forest
Session 17: Someone Else's Enemies Ten and Lukas Escape Stealthy Khalil
Session 18: Short Rest
Session 19: Infiltrating the Castle
Session 20: Uniting the Groups Badass Talk
Session 21: Cookies!
Session 22: Bipolar Candy Floss Mind Readin'
Session 23: The Grand Mongoose of Skien Lukas's Talkings Convincing Dante to Date
Session 24: The Battle of Mushroom Tower
Session 25: The Old Man with the Answers Phone Convo Heritage
Session 26: The Soul Exchange Final Memories A Proposal? H&L Telepathy
     Session 26.1: Late Night Marriage Talk
Session 27: A Togonapping (Not a Togo, Napping) Lukas on Phone Herman on Phone
Session 28: Not Really Hell Khalil's Super Hearing
Session 29: Mystery Warriors 5
Session 30: Bonding at the Dancing Fiend M's Information Calling Sarah
     Session 30.1: Infiltration Information
Session 31: The Fabulous Ferry Ride
Session 32: The Garlic Cottage
Session 33, Part 1: Stealth and Explosions
Session 33, Part 2: Darlin' Darcy
Session 33, Part 3: Catfight
     Session 33.1: Recovery
Session 34: Morals and Beer Togo on Phone M and the Blood Orb
     Session 34.1: Cafe le Kidnappe Ten's E-mails
Session 35: Much Pain Ten the Tracker
Session 36: User-Friendly Satellite Male Bonding (or not) Absence of Plotguy Herman/Togo Phone Conversation
Session 37: To Coventry! Office Hijinks
Session 38: Torturiffic To the Security Room!
Session 39: Amid Summer Knight's Dream
Session 40: Bad News
Session 41: Heresy
Session 42: Killing Talk Ashley's Pad
Session 43: Clever Disguises
Session 44: The Ice Queen
     Session 44.1: Siblings Reunited
Session 45: The Doll House, Part 1 Togo's Phone Call
Session 46: The Doll House, Part 2 The Eyes Have It
Session 47: Fan service Strikes Togo the Negotiator Ashley and Herman talking
Session 48: Arrested!
Session 49: Not an Evil Farm Like Phonecalls and Stuff
Session 50: Alejandro, Alejandro Stuff in the Chopper
Session 51: If You Have a Better Title Than This, Tell the GM
Session 52: Asahara Raid Ashley and Lukas Steal a Fridge
Session 53: The Lady in the Fridge At the Farm Onedyr Family Reunion Talking in Arabic
     Session 53.1: Getting Drunk
Session 54: Arguments
     Session 54.1: Booktalk
Session 55: Nevermind Sibling Squabbles
     Session 55.1: The Amazing Three-Part Teleport Plan
Session 56: Untitled
Session 57: Also Untitled
Session 58: More Untitled
Session 59: Chock Full of Untitled Untitled Side log
Session 60: Some Talking
Session 61: Some Travelling and an Ambush
Session 62: To Russia with Hate Just Around the Corner Catching a Train
Session 63: Preparing for War The Adventures of Alys's Bearded Kick-Ass Ninja Dad and Ten
Session 64: Valmont's Demise (Unavailable)
Session 65: Best Bar Ever Speaking with Sarah
Session 66: Everything Revealed
Session 67: Royal Rainbow
Session 68: Remember the Rail Gun from Session 5?
Session 69: Demon Lord Dante

Characters and Players
Herman Jensen, played by Ardweden
Ashley Norwich, played by Chamelaeon
Togo, played by Jesse
Lukas Raske, played by Mechalink
Ten, played by RDMgryphon
Khalil bin Harith, played by Rowyn
Alys Onedyr, played by Wingdance

Mystery Club 3 main theme: Devils Cry, by Fischerspooner
Mystery Club 3 end theme: Life Burns, by Apocalyptica
The Office: Unatco, from the Deus Ex soundtrack
Moloch's Castle: Machine Passage, from the Kirby's Air Ride soundtrack
Covenant HQ: Death is the Great Leveller, by Yoshitaka Hirota
Stealthy music: Deep in a Coma, by Yoshitaka Hirota
Escaping explosions: Strain - Assault, by Yoshitaka Hirota
Shadowlands - Bythos, by Yoshitaka Hirota

General Combat theme (1): Choir of Curse, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
General Combat theme (2): The Drones of Hell, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
Battle with Rachel: Death of Balance - Lacrymosa, by Symphony X
Battle with Lix Tetrax: Bloody Truth, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
Battle with Cardinal Lancione: Hardcore to the Brain, by Yoshitaka Hirota
Battle with Beezelbub: Solemn Voice, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack

Player Themes
Herman: Get Over It, by Eagles
Ashley: Selfish Man, by Flogging Molly
Togo: Crawling in the Dark, by Hoobenstank
Lukas: Shake the Sheets, by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Ten: Lithium Flower, by Scott Mathew
Khalil: Azadi, by Shahrzad Sepanlou
Alys: Green Hornet, by Al Hirt

Rachel: Splendid Evil, from the KoF '03 soundtrack
Lix Tetrax: Feel no Fear, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
Moloch: Stop the Rock, by Apollo 440
Dorhbran Wyrdwolf: Gathering God, by Yoshitaka Hirota
Darcy O'Riley: Iron Blue Intention, by Konami
Alan Onedyr: To Be Free, by Stella Furst
Akira Shibamura: Two Face, by I've
Francine Jameson IV: Born Legend, by Kasumi
Helga: Hopeless Resolution, from the Valkyrie Profile soundtrack

Covenant: Epistle, from Escaflowne
Red Dragon: Interceptor, from Dynasty Warriors 4
Asahara Remnant: Grey Memories, by Kenji Ito
Mystery Club: Blood Remains, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
The Vampires: Evil Shore, from the Chaos Legion soundtrack
The Seelie Court: The Garden Forgotten by Time, by Michiru Yamane
The Unseelie Court: Fog Enshrouded Nightscape, by Michiru Yamane

Alys by Grace Liaw
Rachel Rast by Brett Schimmel
Standard Covenant Agent by Brett Schimmel

Other Stuff
Background and Character Creation
Technology Guide
Togo's Weapons