Mystery Club Big Easy

Run by: Brett

This game is now over.

File 01: Finally, a case! Eavesdropping
File 02: Weedman Brody and the Japanese Woman
File 03: Madrax the Vampire
File 04: Poltergeist
File 05: No Leads
File 06: A New Case!
File 07: Communists!
File 08: A Bordello
File 09: Vampires are Dangerous
File 10: Not to be Disturbed
File 11: Business Meeting
File 12: Uh-oh
File 13: Case Closed Bravely Running Away Instead

Characters and Players
Michel Chaffee, played by Mechalink
Eric Spracklin, played by lost_zeppo
Melanie Renee Harper, player by Wingdance

Other Stuff
Character Creation Rules