Mystery Club: The Next Generation

Run by: Brett

Based on the Improfanfic Mystery Club
Logo courtesy of Myth

This game has ended. However, there's a sequel, set twenty years later.

Session 1: The New Members
Session 2: MC vs. Mr. Mummy
Session 3: Kappa are Nasty Critters
Session 4: Farewell, Quing
Session 5: Let's go see a movie!
Session 6: The Chimera: part 1
Session 7: The Chimera: part 2
Session 8: The Chimera: part 3
Session 9: Mystery Club Through The Looking Glass: Part 1
Session 10: Mystery Club Through The Looking Glass: Part 2
Session 10.5: Interlude: Miyu's Awakening
Session 11: Attack of the Frost Ghost
Session 12: Cigar Smoking Kidnappers
Session 13: A Day Off
Session 14: White Tiger Bishonens! Here Comes Shigeru! Miyu Goes Away!
Session 14.5: Interlude: Calvin's Awakening
Session 15: From Bad to Worse to Heaven's Gate
Session 16: Judgement Call, or Blinded By The Light, or Cast in the Name of Kirby, Ye Quite Guilty.
Session 17: Halloween Special: Mystery Club vs. Brave Fencer Kojiro
Session 18: One Flew Over The Smorfy's Nest?
Session 19: And All Miyu's Efforts, and All Miyu's Love, Couldn't Put Calvin Together Again
Session 20: Meetings, Partings, and We're Off To Save The World... again. Out In The Hall Out In The Hall Part II
Session 21: Yet another bishonen villain attacks!
Session 22: Andrew's 'womanizing' ways backfire, and the MC goes restaraunt hopping! Outside the IHoP
Session 23: The Arakus Tournament: Part 1 Judges' Deliberations
Session 24: The Arakus Tournament: Part 2 Judges' Deliberations
Session 24.5: Interlude: An Explanation for Mei-Yin
Session 25: Mystery Club The Movie: Quing's Revenge
Session 26: Dealing With Upper Management
Session 27: Mystery Club II: The Wrath of Kimiko
Session 28: There's nothing wrong with being inadequate. Hikaru's suicidal charge.
Session 29: No Kirbies, just Slinkies
Session 30: Bedknobs and Shroomsnails
Session 31: Mystery Warriors 3! The Defenders' Story
Session 32: Mystery Club III: The Search For Sarah
Session 33: "Izumo?" "Izumo."
Session 34: Mei-Yin Likes to Kick Ass!
Session 35: Smells Like Teen Angst!
Session 36: To Find the Clairvoyant Kirby... Just Follow The Angst!
Session 37: Hostage Situations Suck!
Session 38: Who's The Flamingest Bishonen of Them All? Suzaku!
Session 39: Could this be a hint from a higher power? No way!
Session 40: Cool Swords, Classic Zombies, One Hell of a Facial Eoi and Shigeru talk
Session 41: "It's 6751 miles to Hell. We've got two transport crystals, half a clip of holy bullets, it's dark, and we're carrying a cursed weapon. Hit it." Mei and Shigeru Talk
Session 42: Bizarre of the Bazaar Something Else
Session 43: "Can't we all just get along?" "NO."
Session 44: "Family Stuff"
Session 45: Breaking up is hard to do.
Session 46: "You fell in a VOLCANO!" "'tis merely a flesh wound!"
Session 46.5: Exposition Station!
Session 47: Tokyo Tower. It was just a matter of time. Eoi's Adventures Shigeru's Adventures The Club Room Conversations with Saki
Session 48: All Bad Things
Session 48.5: Victory Party!
Session 48.6: Mei-yin Sucks Without Ambition!
Session 49: Genbu! On the Roof
Session 50: Dungeon Crawls are Fun! o/~ Heeeeere I come, to save the daaaaaaay! Mighty Priest is on his waaaaaaaaay! o/~
Session 51: Turtle and Watersnake! Mei-Yin's Collected Sneakings
Session 52: A Bit of Nostalgia
Session 53: Killing is what you do to other people!
Session 54: Here we go again...
Session 55: The end of the world...
Session 56: we know it...
Session 57: Taste the rainbow! TASTE IT!
Session 58: Eoi... become one with the naginata!
Session 59: Ambitious Kirbies and Thundercats!
Session 60: World Hopping Fun For Everyone! Hawt pseudoyaoi luvluv!
Session 61: The End is Near!
Session 62: The Final Battle!
Session 63: The Real Final Battle!

Mystery Club main theme: Trauma, by Ayumi Hamasaki
Mystery Club end theme: Yubiwa, by Yoko Kanno
Mission theme: Monochrome, by Ayumi Hamasaki
Telepathic Radar theme: Urban Noise, from the Parasite Eve soundtrack
Run theme: Virtual Mima, from the Perfect Blue soundtrack

Eoi sprites (with bonus Kirby!) by Atom
Chelsea by Yu-Mei
Norii by Myth
Chelsea and Shigeru by Yu-Mei
Kaira (just disregard the floppy elf ears) by Yu-Mei
Treasa by Yu-Mei
Quentin by Alison Rementer
Saki by Alison Rementer

The Fruits of Shigeru's Research

The Rules of Run
Warmup 1: Katie's Intro
Warmup 2: Jiro's Intro
Lap 1: o/~ Flee, Mortals! Flee in fear! o/~
Lap 2: o/~ Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? o/~