Mystery Club 2: Supernatural Investigations Unit

Logo by Yu-Mei

Run by: Brett

Based on the Improfanfic Mystery Club
Sequel to the RPG Mystery Club: The Next Generation

This game has ended, but the adventure continues in Mystery Club 3: Humanae Vitae

Session 1: Gone Fishin' The Basement
Session 1.5: Dangit! We forgot the blood.
Session 2: Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright Breaking and Entering Stop, Thief! The Van
Session 3: Exorcism and You: Why You Should Use A Naginata Chie Listens to Spirits
Session 4: "Tonight I dine on kappa soup!"
Session 5: There's Always Room For Jell-O! The Festival
Session 6: Silly Rei, evil swords are for Katsu! Sneakin' up the Side Rei's Acid Trip
Session 6.5: The Ties that Bind
Session 7: Jacking the Box Makoto's Discovery Batman and Blight Conversation with Interpol
Session 7.2: Maria's Hunt for Red October
Session 7.4: Truth or Dice
Session 7.6: Behold: The Power of Tang
Session 7.8: Filial Obligations
Session 8: From Russia with a Black Eye Phone Conversation Run, Bartender, Run!
Session 8.3: A Grave Situation
Session 8.7: Kirby from the Night
Session 9: Boy, Do We Feel Stupid Duct Tape Interrogation
Session 10: Mystery Club: We Take Our Job Seriously Sidequest for Munchies! Chie on Phone Rei on Phone Chomei on Phone Lazar on Phone
Session 11: Who you gonna call? No, not them!
Session 11.3: Bermuda Love Triangle
Session 11.7: One more Rei is one too many.
Session 12: Everybody loves deathtraps!
Session 13: Paper wards? Get with the times!
Session 14: I Like Swords The Experimental Wing
Session 15: It's the Mystery Club Blood Drive!
Session 15.3: YOUR HAIR'S ON FIRE!
Session 15.7: Sweet, Sweet Blackmail
Session 16: Less Talk, More Hit Katsu Call Maria's Sneakings
Session 16.3: Rei and Makoto make out?
Session 16.7: Semi-Precious Stones
Session 17: Iris. Joe Iris. Wrong Number Lazar and Chie
Session 17.5: Stop - Hammer Time
Session 18: Raze the |200f! Naomi Call Quality Time
Session 19: Brother, can you spare a life? Rei's Mistake Peter Call
Session 19.2: Epilogue: Everbody Needs Some Body
Session 19.4: No Fair
Session 19.6: Maria's Miraculous Recovery
Session 19.8: Chomei's not so clueless after all?
Session 20: Rei Gets Some Tail Maria's Escape
Session 21: A Taste of Europe Mia and Rei
Session 21.5: Star Search
Session 22: Extinction of the Dinosaurs: Part II The Phone! Visiting Katsu
Session 22.3: Gene Therapy
Session 22.7: Meet the Newbies
Session 23: Are we there yet?
Session 24: "The angst is strong with this one." Kaira Call Reconnaissance
Session 25: Chinese Golem Theatre
Session 25.3: Naginata and Nachos
Session 25.7: Not a Date. Really!
Session 26: Mystery Warriors 4 Protect Yuan Shao!
Session 27: Ancient Chinese Knockoffs Makoto's Head
Session 28: Dimitri Gets His
Session 29: Another Day at the Office Teletalk
Session 30: Mystery Auditors Club
Session 31: All That Silence, And No Charlie Chaplain Suspicious Office
Session 32: Get A Room! Clowning Around Sneaky Like Ghost
Session 33: Cruelty to Animals Minor Distraction
Session 34: Don't Shake the Psychic The Road to Ruin More Interpol
Session 34.3: Beg, Borrow, or Steal
Session 34.7: Stealthy Like Goat!
Session 35: The Fantastic Francine Soul Searching
Session 36: Rude Awakening Sockless Traps Power Play
Session 37: "Oh, look! Ambition's on E-Bay!" Jailbreak! Seven Shades of Bad Spirit Hotline
Session 38: Desperately Seeking Ambition
Session 39: Save World Now, Have Pizza Later Pseudo-Privacy Emergency Call
Session 40: Marduk and Cover
Session 41: Disco Infernal Bad Hair Day
Session 41.5: Good Intentions
Session 42: To Hell With Mystery Club Luciwho?
Session 43: Crisis of Faith
Session 44: Demonic Influences The Inner Lame Soulbound Hungarian
Session 44.3: Big Revelations
Session 44.7: The Angst Fantastic
Session 45: Mystery Club Rides Again!
Session 46: War is Hell Knowing is Half the Battle
Session 47: To Reign in Hell
Session 47.5: Calm Between the Storms
Session 48: The Lamer of Two Evils Out back (Summary)
Session 49: The Hunted Chie on Phone Maria on Phone Lazar on Phone
Session 50: Chez Asahara Trouble with Enzymes Spiritual Issues
Session 51: What Goes Around, Goes Around The Other Box Maria and the Building of DOOM
Session 51.5: Body Swap Special
Session 52: World War III Talking to Lazar-in-Chie Talking to Maria-in-Chomei
Session 53: Lucky Charms: They're Malevolently Malicious
Session 54: Affirmative Action
Session 55: A Drink Most Foul Planning with Ensof
Session 55.5: Moe Information
Session 56: It's All Greek to Me Shigphone
Session 57: Stairway to Heaven
Session 58: Mortals Nowadays
Session 59: The Mystery Club Reunion Tour: LIVE in Karditsa!
Session 60: Come Hell or High Water
Session 61: Eat At Bob's
Session 62: Leather, Guns, and Fire
Session 62.3: Hungarian Rhapsody
Session 62.7: The Virgin Chicken Campaign
Session 63: Of Monsters and Men Call 1 Call 2
Session 64: Moe Knows... Vampire Killing It's Ensof!
Session 65: When Come Back, Bring Pie!
Session 66: You are not authorized to know the title of this session.
Session 67: She's Got The Look
Session 68: Slimes, Water, Steak Knives
Session 69: Romancing the Stone Drawing the Bridge
Session 70: Losing Their Religion Spirit Guide
Session 71: Top Floor Tussle
Session 72: Healing's a Bitch
Session 73: Plots and Plans
Session 73.5: Fear and Mango in Tokyo
Session 74: Mission: Improbable
Session 75: Bad Moon Standing It's Sneaky Time!
Session 76: They Fight Crime! Whatta Haul
Session 77: The Bullet Train to Izumo
Session 78: Obligatory Onsen Episode Gossip, Girls! Magic: What Is It Good For?
Session 79: Let Sleeping Vamps Lie Not Attacking Darkness
Session 80: Double Jeopardy The Demon, the Witch, and the Doorstop
Session 81: Late Night with Asahara! Ritual Blood Bonding
Session 82: A Rite of Passage Guns Do Kill People!
Session 83: They All Fall Down
Session 84: Post-Asahara Recovery
Session 85: Jailhouse Rock Kanjiro's Info Rei Rushes Ahead
Session 85.5: Dupin' the Dupes
Session 86: Good Guys Can't Be Trusted
Session 87: Bad Guys Can't Be Trusted Either
Session 88: Anxiously Approaching Asahara
Session 89: Lau's Last Stand Experimentation Station
Session 90: Any Landing Walked Away From...
Session 91: How to Be a Belmont (In Thirty Minutes or Less)
Session 92: A Transylvanian Welcome Rei + Naomi = Gossip
Session 93: Deadly Friends; Deathly Enemies Zombies Become Them
Session 94: Releasing Rau'Yei Get Out of Jail Free!
Session 95: Golems in Black The Eleventh Commandment
Session 96: Clock Tower. There Had to Be One Whisperings
Session 97: Heaven or Hell
Session 98: Struggling Actor
Session 99: Bet You Didn't Know Chie's a Tactical Genius
Session 100: The Mystery of Mister E
Afterward: Mr. E's Untold Origins

Characters and Players
Maria, played by Yu-Mei
Chieko Matsuda, played by Ciara
Asanjya Mikigawa, played by Chamelaeon
Lazar Thau, played by Jesse
Chomei Tochikura, played by Zegon
Rei Ueda, played by Ardweden

Makoto Imagawa, played by Schneeble
Peter Roivas, played by Atom

Mystery Club 2 main theme: Sakura, by Buck Tick
Mystery Club 2 end theme: Night Walker, by Yumi Matsutoya
Infiltration music: Power and Glory, from the Dynasty Warriors 3 soundtrack
Session 26: The Wall of Fate, from the Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack
Session 26 (music change): Gain Ground, from the Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack
Asahara: Dim Lights, from the Armored Core 2 soundtrack
Dracula's Castle: Vampire Killer, by Konami

General: Death Wish, by Buck Tick
Facing Ambition: Deus, from the Grandia 2 soundtrack
Facing Kuro: S, from the Devil May Cry soundtrack
Facing Virgil: Clock Tower, from the Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow soundtrack
Facing Nikolai: Rise in Arms, from the Armored Core 3: Silent Line soundtrack

PC Themes
Maria's theme: Machete, by Moby
Makoto's theme: Striptease, by Hawksley Workman
Chieko's theme: Walk the Walk, by Poe
Asanjya's theme: Redemption, by Chandra and Conjure One
Peter's theme: I've Got A Theory, from the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack
Lazar's theme: Bring Me To Life, by Evanescence
Chomei's theme: Life Of My Own, by 3 Doors Down
Rei's theme: Your Disco Needs You, by Kylie Minogue

Secondary Themes
Makoto's theme: A Little Less Conversation, by Elvis vs Junkie XL
Chieko's theme: Beautiful Like You, by Joy Drop
Lazar's theme: Charging Fort Wagner, from the Glory soundtrack
Rei's theme: Planet Claire, by The B-52's

NPC Themes
Kaira's theme: Conjure Me, by Afghan Whigs
Shigeru's theme: Twilight Zone, by Golden Earring
Naomi's theme: Stray, from the Wolf's Rain soundtrack
Lucifer's theme: Hellfire, by Junichi Nakatsuru
Mr. E's theme: If There Were Any Other Way, from the Soul Calibur 2 soundtrack
Dracula's theme: The Vampire Saga, from the Guilty Gear XX #Reload soundtrack
Lau's theme: Hubris, from the Soul Calibur 2 soundtrack

Rei's Picks
Maria's theme: Kung Fu Fighting, by Carl Douglas
Makoto's theme: Paradise City, by Guns N' Roses
Chieko's theme: Grease, from the Grease soundtrack
Peter's theme: Secret Agent Man, by Johnny Rivers
Lazar's theme: Like A Rock, by Bob Seger
Chomei's theme: Disco Inferno, by The Trammps
Rei's theme: So Fabulous, So Fierce, by Jocelyn Enriquez

Player Characters
Maria, by Yu-Mei
Maria in the City, by Yu-Mei
Maria Wept, by Yu-Mei
Rei Ueda, by Yu-Mei
Fashion Apocalypse Rei, by Yu-Mei
Rei Being Eaten by TROGDOR! (Concept Art), by Zegon
Rei vs. EVA-01, by Yu-Mei
Chomei Tochikura, by Yu-Mei
Chomei Being Eaten by a Giant Eel, by Ardweden
... Right, by Ardweden
Lazar Thau, by Yu-Mei
Chibi Golem, by Unknown
Makoto Imagawa, by Yu-Mei
Chieko Matsuda, by Yu-Mei
Stealthy like ninja!, by Yu-Mei
Peter and the Gang, by Yu-Mei
Chomei and Chie, by Lorelai
Makoto and Rei, by Lorelai
Stick Figures, Part 1 and Part 2, by Ardweden
Chomei, the LAME Torch!, by Ardweden
Powerpuff MC2, by Philip Moy

Naomi Kusanagi, by Alison Rementer and Miguel Nieves
Thieves from Skygarden, by Alison Rementer and Miguel Nieves
Goth Vampiric Penguin, by Yu-Mei
Maria's Stealth Suit, by Yu-Mei
130, from the BESM 2nd Edition Sourcebook
When Smorfies Attack, by Brett Schimmel
Taki-Rendered Dracula, by RDMgryphon

Sessions 1-5
Sessions 6-7.8

"I hate it when I'm wrong.", by Ciara and Ardweden

Other Stuff
Character Creation Rules
Plot Guide
Fast Food Enterprise Lyrics
Fun on Popstar RPG Characters
Family Trees (Rei, Naomi)
Vampire Guide
A guide to popular beverages in the MC2 world