Mystery Club: Divine Comedy

Run by: Brett

Session 1: Devas

Chapter 1: Lendria
Session 2: You Can't Just Make A Horse From Nothing Off to See the Priest
Session 3: The Handsome Prince Raxa Goes to the Tavern
Session 4: Sir Jean-Pierre de Bordeaux Raxa's First Disciple
Session 5: Monkey Sneaking Around the Castle
Session 6: The Burning Man Ship in a Bottle

Chapter 2: Hunt for a Deva
Session 7: Overview of Nazi Earth
Session 8: Getting Arrested
Session 9: NY Prison Chess and Yoshiko's cell Billie's Cell Raxa's Cell
Session 10: The First Event In the Arena
Session 11: The Second Event
Session 12: Outdoor Activities Basketball Game
Session 13: Deathmatch, part 1 Spectating
     Session 13.1: Between Bouts
Session 14: Deathmatch, part 2 Spectating Again, Eh Wot?
Session 15: A Lucky Break
Session 16: To the Secret Lab! They Died Somehow The Great Escape, part 1
Session 17: That's a Lot of Guards The Great Escape, part 2
Session 18: The Great Big Prison Fight Hiding Out
Session 19: Meet Raymond Harley
     Session 19.1: A Lesson
     Session 19.2: Raxa and Josh Get It On
     Session 19.3: A Different Lesson

Chapter 3: Sky Pirates
Session 20: Totally Ripping Off Another RPG

Characters and Players
Billie, played by Ard
Raxa, played by Mechalink
Josh, played by RDMgryphon
Chess, played by Wingdance
Yoshiko, played by Zegon
Logan, played by Zimboptoo

Main theme: Building a Religion, by Cake
Battle theme: Battle for Survival, by Shoji Meguro
End theme: Acceptance, by Akira Yamaoka

Player themes:
Chess - "Magazine" by Kaki King
Raxa - "Temptation Waits" by Garbage

Other Stuff
Character Creation Rules
Divine Abilities
Earth Background