Mystery Club 5: Gunhazard

Run by: Brett

Based on the Improfanfic Mystery Club
Sequel to Mystery Club 4

Session 1: Job Proposition A Doublecross already??
    Session 1.1: Reassignment
Session 2: Are You Sure You Want to Work Here?
Session 3: Montenegrin Shootout Nigel Finds a Sniper
Session 4: Roll to Get Drunk
Session 5: Taking Down the MMO, Phase 1 Team Montana and Nigel Team Gordo and Sonia
    Session 5.1: Making Friends
Session 6: Taking Down the MMO, Phase 2
Session 7: Taking Down the MMO, Phase 2 (part2)
    Session 7.1: Wrangle Some Attention
Session 8: Daughters of the Serpent
Session 9: Battle on the Bridge
Session 10: The Order of the Phoenix Egg Prep the Bots
Session 11: Like a Brick Wall The Bots Don't Last Long
Session 12: Take a Break in Milan
Session 13: Who's Jealous? Montana's Old Acquaintance
Session 14: Planning a Heist
Session 15: The Heist Montana the Thief
Session 16: The Heist, part 2 Montana the Thief, part 2
Session 17: Planecrash
Session 18: In Serbia, the Darkness Attacks You!
    Session 18.1: A Night Thing
Session 19: The Rat Who Liked Health Food Rat Speaks Greek
Session 20: Echoes of the Past Scouting Mission
Session 21: Project S
Session 22: The Joke's On You
Session 23: Attack of the Red Ghast
Session 24: Most Powerful Psychic in the World Goes Missing
Session 25: Go Clubbin'
    Session 25.1: Montana and Sonia's Date
    Session 25.2: Nigel and Shiho's Date
    Session 25.3: Montana and Sonia at Night
    Session 25.4: Montana and Sonia in the Morning
Session 26: Weapon's Fair
Session 27: Someone Got to Him First Montana and Sonia with the Sneaky
Session 28: Jewelry
Session 29: Cathanza
Session 30: Krasmia Plotting a Coup
Session 31: Extortionist Rebels Stowing Away
Session 32: Introducing the Count
Session 33: Zombies!
Session 34: Doctor Johann Faustus
    Session 34.1: Sonia's turning into a Zombie
Session 35: The Cure
Session 36: Negotiating with the Mob Meanwhile, Outside
Session 37: Time for a Car Chase
Session 38: Built Their own Luana Goth Girls
Session 39: Helping Out Coworkers
    Side 1-1: Hunting the Bracelet
Session 40: Attacking the Factory
    Side 1-2: Tilda's a WHAT?!
Session 41: Faust Again
    Side 1-3: All Aboard the Ferry
Session 42: Giant Vehicle Made of Cars
    Side 1-4: Montana Can't Dance Exchanging Life Stories
Session 43: Hotel California (in Abu Dhabi)
    Side 1-5: Don't Break It!
Session 44: Get on the Boat
Session 45: An Introduction to Zakanar
Session 46: Pirate Attack on the High Seas!
Session 47: Shopping in Cape Town To the Airport
Session 48: Some Sort of Cybernetic Robot Woman Minus an Eye.
Session 53: ???
Session 49: The Lonely Water Nymph Looking for the Doctor Looking for Alysha
Session 50: Church of Drugs Sneaking Around
Session 51: A Major and a Smuggler
Session 52: The Forgotten People
Session 53: Avoid Getting Eaten
Session 54: Zola
Session 55: The Jonin
Session 56: Back to Soyo
Session 57: The Shadowman
Session 58: Tea Party
Session 59: Off to Hell
Session 60: And Then They Met a God
Session 61: Aberracao and Fantasma
Session 62: Rescuing Julia
Session 63: The Return of Iris
    Session 63.1: Shiho and Hong Kong
Session 64: At the Louvre
Session 65: Dealing with the Fae
Session 66: Beady Eyes
Session 67: Herman's a Hermit
Session 68: When Worlds Collide
Session 69: S'barro's
Session 70: Laundry Day
Session 71: Goo Gun
Session 72: Not a Drag Race
Session 73: Brick was there, too
Session 74: Procuring a Boat
Session 75: That's not Tilda! Monty's Adventures Below Deck
Session 76: Rooftop Chase Ice's Car Gets Stolen
Session 77: Recovering Ice's Car, Part 1
Session 78: Recovering Ice's Car, Part 2 Ice Almost Gets Iced Montana Meets Someone from Sonia's Past
Session 79: Scouting Wan Kuai Tower
Session 80: Ice in the Hospital Sonia Meets with Ice Privately
Session 81: Sneaking into the Tower

Characters and Players
Montana Stark, played by Ardweden
Nigel Winthrop, played by Dreol
Sonia Sonic, played by Mechalink
Gordon MacDougal, played by RDMGryphon
Shiho Yamada, played by Wingdance

Main Theme (Sessions 1-43): Weapon of Choice, by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Main Theme (Sessions 44-): Bullets, by Archive
Battle Theme: Breathe, by the Prodigy
Chase Theme: Mombasa, by Hans Zimmerman
End Theme: Starálfur, by Sigur Rós

Character Themes
Montana: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant
Sonia(1): Bulletproof, by Morcheeba
Sonia(2): To the Moon and Back, by Savage Garden
Sonia(3): I am the Highway, by Audioslave

NPC Themes
Alysha: Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Iris: Youth Without Youth, by Metric
Pavla: Vagabond, by Greenskeepers
Sebastian: In the End, by Linkin Park

Snitch: Squeak Squad Theme, from the Kirby: Squeak Squad soundtrack
Tilda: The Thief, by The Dear Hunter

Melnik Military and Ordinance: Karma of the World, by LOUNA

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