Rising Sun Pioneers

Logo by Rowyn

Run by: Brett Schimmel and Ardweden

Sessions every other Tuesday, from 10:00 to 12:30 CST

Intro 1: The Mountain Bandit Campaign
Intro 2: NOT the Raid on the Rogue Fortress
Intro 3: Akuryou Taisan!
Intro 4: Mission Accepted
Intro 5: Food is Good
Intro 6: Five Card Draw

Session 1: Ohayo, Pardner! | Criminal References | At the Station
Session 2: See You Later, Alligator
Session 3: One Thousand Needles
Session 4: Finger-Lickin' Mounties | Mary Anne's Adventure
Session 5: Rattlin' Pains The Village
Session 6: Zen and the Art of Bounty Hunting
Session 7: Wind Beneath My Hat
     Interlude: Loaded Questions
Session 8: Crazy Deals
Session 9: Tunnels of Uncertain Doom
Session 10: The East Will Rise Again!
Session 11: Hot Pursuit | Scouting Party
Session 12: He Who Defeats Amazon Woman
     Interlude: Yae for Free Food!
Session 13: Miss Manners Does Shomura | Creepy Stuff | Up, Up, and Away!
Session 14: Cock and Coon | Shinies!
     Interlude: Sleepless Night
Session 15: Farewell, Samurai | Suz Explains
     Intro 7: Unnamed Town's Bar and Grill
Session 16: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary | Shortchangin' Millie | Horse Feathers
     Interlude: Campfire Tales
Session 17: Honor Among Thieves
Session 18: Skeleton Tracks
     Interlude: Fair Play
Session 19: The City of the Dead | Whispers
Session 20: Best Plans Ever | Bandit Hunters
Session 21: Snake Eyes | Nothin' But Delays | Whisperin' Words
Session 22: Luck Be A Lady
Session 23: Dem Bones Gonna Walk Around
Session 24: Now You See Her | Forest Stroll
Session 25: Like Brother, Like Brother | He Started It!
Session 26: Swordless Samurai
     Interlude: Conversation Station
Session 27: Not-So-Desperately Seeking Mary Anne
Session 28: All Roads Lead to Hoshimoto
Session 29: Lotta Talk, Little Action | Male Bonding
Session 30: When in Danger, When in Doubt | Tairan's Lucky Shirt
Session 31: Diversity Is Our Strength | RIP: Guard No. 3
Session 32: Brotherly Love | Just Add Cake | The Second Story Window
Session 33: Hoshimoto Family Values
     Interlude: Happily Ever After
     Interlude: Drunken Dates
Session 34: Tairan's Charge | Family Favors | Whispers
Session 35: On The Road Again | Stubborn This!
Session 36: Rocky Mountain Pass
Session 37: I Hate Slavers!
Session 38: Card Shark Gossip | Farm Boy Rogers?
Session 39: Follow That Bandit!
Session 40: The Long Arm of the Law
     Interlude: Cactus and Grill
Session 41: Plans, Or Lack Thereof | Visiting Hours
Session 42: Sakura: Queen of Comedy | Train Hopping | Train Hopping: The Sequel
Session 43: The Dark Garson City | ENLIGHTENMENT!
Session 44: No Slaves Are Good Slaves | TO SAVE THE VILLAGE!
Session 45: Slavers and the People who Kill Them
Session 46: The Worst Laid Plans
Session 47: Smaller Than Advertised | Next of Kin | Trials and Errors
Session 48: Stallin' for Time | Mikoto's Decision
Session 49: Together Again | Girl Talk
Session 50: When to Fold | Found Them!
Session 51: Follow that Bandit! | Tracking Jan | Tracking Cape
Session 52: Smoke and Mirrors
Session 53: An Honorable End
Session 54: Family Feuding
     Interlude: Absent Pride
Session 55: Legends Walk Among Us | Out to Pasture | Trading Favors
Session 56: A Grave Situation
Session 57: Cryptically Speaking
Session 58: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Session 59: Death Without Taxes | The Truth of the Matter
     Interlude: The Nature of Things
     Interlude: Profit Margins
Session 60: Morning at the Reinhart Ranch | Family Resemblance
Session 61: Jolly Old Hellspoint
Session 62: Party Poopers | Hawt Injun Inaction!
Session 63: Plans or Something
Session 64: Playing the Cards | Plan B
Session 65: Reliable Lyle | Dead End Poker
Session 66: A Failure to Communicate | Them Crazy Westerners
Session 67: Last Minute Arrangements
Session 68: Staking Out the Stakeout
Session 69: The Gang's All Here | Charging In (Sneakily)
Session 70: The Man in Red: Part 1 | Ignorance is Bliss
Session 71: The Man in Red: Part 2
Session 72: Medic! | Calling Dr. Smith
Session 73: Escape into the Rising Sun
Session 74: You Can Lead an Injun to Water... | The Amazing Invisible Chair | Just Jinx's Luck
Session 75: Crazy Bargains | Old Friends; New Partners
Session 76: Fanfan Got Booty | The Ethics of Vengeance

Characters and Players
Fanfan, played by Sharyna
Jinx, played by Grysar
Tairan Hoshimoto, played by Jesse
Millie Reinhart, played by Rowyn
John Rogers, played by Zegon

Suzunosuke Takame, played by Ked
Mary Anne Pippins, played by Elfy
Sakura Himoto, played by Atom
Mikoto, played by Todd

Opening: Disintegration, by Lia
Closing: Flying, by Garnet Crow
Combat: Keep Yourself Alive, from the Guilty Gear X soundtrack
Dueling: Persona 2 Intro Music
Dungeons: Underworld Castle, from the Goemon's Great Adventure soundtrack
Redrock City: To Follow Your Wings, by Michiko Naruke
Izu City: Sparkling City of Ruin, by Yoko Shimomura
The Man in Red: My Bad Fellow, from the Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack

Fanfan: Dao Ma Dan, by Coco Lee
Mikoto (1): Coppelia no Hitsugi, by Ali Project
Mikoto (2): Paine's Theme, by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi
Jinx: Luck Be A Lady, by Robert Alda
Tairan: It's A Sin, by Pet Shop Boys
Sakura: Kiss Me Sunlights, by Heart of Air
Millie: Advanced Wind, by Michiko Naruke
John (1): Wild Wild West, by Will Smith
John (2): Renegade, by Styx

John 'n' Millie: Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better), by Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat

Millie Reinhart (Color Version), by Rowyn
Jinx's Nemesis, by Brett Schimmel

Other Stuff
The Rising Sun Pioneers Community Journal
Character Creation Rules
Skill Changes
World History and Background
Character Guide
Map of Shomura's Major Clans