Mystery Club 4

Run by: Brett

Based on the Improfanfic Mystery Club
Sequel to Mystery Club 3: Humane Vitae

Session 1: The New Home
Session 2: The New Job
Session 3: The First Meeting Free Office Space! Keiko's New Roommate
     Session 3.1: Dreamhack
     Session 3.2: Gottlieb and Luana Meeting
     Session 3.3: Heinrick and Keiko Meeting
Session 4: Introduction to the Opposition German Tutoring
Session 5: The Sandwich Incident Someone's In Trouble
Session 6: Picnic
     Session 6.1: Roseli and Hotaru
     Session 6.2: Dreamhack v.2
Session 7: Group Training
Session 8: Not Going Outside Keiko steals stuff
     Session 8.1: A Not So Simple Mission, Part 1
     Session 8.2: A Not So Simple Mission, Part 2
Session 9: Video Games
     Session 9.1: Punching Stuff
Session 10: Going Out
Session 11: Japanese Food
Session 12: Ambush
Session 13: After Ambushing
Session 14: Recreation Room (Not Record Room) A Debriefing Keiko gets sent to the office again
Session 15: A Lot of Yelling Escaped Criminals Mechanic Lessons
     Session 15.1: Interrogating the Mercs
     Session 15.2: Therapy Session
Session 16: Red vs. Blue Control Room
     Session 16.1: Dreaming and Driving
     Session 16.2: This One's Got Luana and Heinrick
     Session 16.3: Getting to Know Robert
     Session 16.4: Waking Nightmares
Session 17: The Incredible Bulk, part 1
Session 18: The Incredible Bulk, part 2
     Session 18.1: Strange Assumptions
Session 19: Mr. Durandal and His Band of Freedom Fighters
Session 20: The Long Fight
Session 21: The Fight Ends A Car Chase! Heinrick
Session 22: Interrogating the Bomber Doing Some Research
Session 23: Group Meeting
Session 24: More Group Meeting Talking with Lydia Heinrick/Heidi Phone
Session 25: Party Fit for an Emperor Luana the Bunnygirl Keiko Sleeps in a Bathroom
Session 26: A Familiar Old Guy Short Phone Call
     Session 26.1: Luana Speaks with New Guardian
Session 27: Planning the Cayiltech Raid
Session 28: Actually Raiding Cayiltech Keiko Watches Lucha
Session 29: More Stuff Explodes Rose and Ten, chillin'
Session 30: Maiming and Such
Session 31: Stuff Happens After
Session 32: Christmas!
     Session 32.1: Keiko/Heinrick Mini
Session 33: Adela Moller Mind Reading
Session 34: Everything Goes to Hell
Session 35: Getting Chewed Out Keiko and Luana hang out Togo and Heinrick's Gentlemanly Talk Jamie's Fate Heinrick Goes Crazy Sheep Storm
     Session 35.1: Jamie Angsts
     Session 35.2: Heinrick/Keiko Training
     Extra Session 1
Session 36: Awesome Pyrotechnics. Only a Half-Vampire It Had to be Done
Session 37: No Consideration Keiko and the Creepy Guy
Session 38: Tony the Vampire Heinrick's Collection In the Lobby
Session 39: The Auction House Crazy Lady Rose does her own thing
Session 40: Bad Fanfiction Security Room
Session 41: Interview with a Werewolf Keiko's Invasion of Privacy
     Session 41.1: Keiko and Luana Do Stuff Together
Session 42: The Boring Hotel Guarding Mission Less Boring for Togo and Luana
Session 43: A Messey Interrogation The Kidnapped
Session 44: A Riddle The Evil Mind Reading Machine
Session 45: The Three Maxes Heinrick Gets in Trouble
Session 46: Valmont II A Grueling Session
Session 47: No Clues Here
Session 48: The Heliplane Someone gets eaten
Session 49: Prison Break Keiko Escapes
Session 50: Keiko Likes Blitzkrieg Too Much to Abandon Them Togo and Roseli Go On Alone and Get Shot Up
     Session 50.1: Unheartless
Session 51: Rematch Debriefing Control Room
Session 52: Return of the Bad Fanfiction Meet Doctor Doctor
     Session 52.1: Karin's Plan
Session 53:A Giant Mechanical Turtle has been Stolen At the Holding Facility...
Session 54: Train Assault The Ultimate Sacrifice
     Session 54.1: Angst Party
Session 55: Chillin' (The New) Hotaru's Fate Private Conversation
     Session 55.1: Endless Paperwork
     Session 55.2: Dreams in Digital
Session 56: Beat up on Pavla Little Lunch The Actual Beatings
Session 57: Go Get The Virus Again
Session 58: The Battle of the Chinese Restaurant
     Session 58.1: Let's Go Shopping
Session 59: The Hitmen We interrupt this plot to bring you some other plot
Session 60: Bad Enough to Protect the Prez
     Session 60.1: Keiko gets Grounded
     Session 60.2: Are You Ok?
     Session 60.3: Pavla the Personalityless
Session 61: Togo and Luana's Private Mission Outside Lydia's Office Lydia Talks to Guardians Keiko's Summoned by Heinrick
     Session 61.1: Lesbians?
     Session 61.2: So Three Guardians Walk into a Bar...
     Session 61.3: Reality of the Mind
Session 62: Odval's Clues
Session 63: Sudden Problem At the Casino
Session 64: Togo's a Spy! Rescuing Odval, part 1 and part 2
     Session 64.1: Lecturing Luana in Bed
Session 65: The Fourth Ace
Session 66: Bomb Disposal Togo takes on the world Luana goes on ahead
     Session 66.1: Heinrick gets Grilled
     Session 66.2: Rose shoots up her apartment
     Session 66.3: Heinrick goes on a date
     Session 66.4: Keiko and Luana here
     Session 66.5: Stories of a Brazilian Guardian
     Session 66.6: Keiko and Jamie here
Session 67: Gabriel Defects
Session 68: DJ Pavla
Session 69: Togo is the Ubermensch
Session 70: The Whys of Gabriel
Session 71: Viruses Once More To Scam a Lawyer
Session 72: Lawyers, Assassins and Terrorists Presenting Eve Keiko and the Dreaming Dying Man Bombs!
Session 73: A Giant Spider Saving Luana
Session 74: Freidrich's Finale
Session 75: A Few Days Later Keiko Goes Off Somewhere Karin asks Rose out to lunch Perparing to Interview Candidates
     Session 75.1: The Reason Karin asked Rose Out
     Session 75.2: Actually Interviewing the Candidates
     Session 75.3: Togo and Keiko Talk Fashion or Somesuch
Session 76: A More Professional Blitzkrieg
Session 77: A New Clear Trap
Session 78: Yes, I did put Raidou Kuzunoha in the game
Session 79: Cheerio, Harcourt
Session 80: Fae Can Be Real Jerks Sometimes
     Session 80.1: Keiko and Luana Again
     Session 80.2: Introspection
     Session 80.3: True Love It Ain't. Karin was there, too!
Session 81: The Hitmen 2
     Session 81.1: Secret Meeting
Session 82: Flying Cars
Session 83: Who Hits the Hitmen? Telekinetic Six-Year-Olds
Session 84: The President Confesses
     Session 84.1: Keiko and Togo Hang Out
     Session 84.2: Keiko and Rose Hang Out
     Session 84.3: Heinrick and Rose go on a Date
     Session 84.4: Keiko and Luana Hang Out
     Session 84.5: Rose & Karin Visit Iris
Session 85: Coffinmaker Phone Call from Raidou
Session 86: Warm Welcome Wheelchair kamikaze
Session 87: Abandon Mission Rose's Phone Call
Session 88: Cyra is a Badgirl Togo's Call
Session 89: Milano Mayhem
     Session 89.1: Heinrick and Rose Talk
     Session 89.2: Togo and Rose Talk
     Session 89.3: Togo and Luana Talk
     Session 89.4: Keiko and Luana Talk
     Session 89.5: Top Secret
     Session 89.6: Heinrick and Keiko Talk
Session 90: Back to Germany
Session 91: Planning the Attack on Section 3
Session 92: Blowing Up the Roof
Session 93: The Fight with the Defense Minister
Session 94: The Assination of Ludwig Bernstein Keiko and Luana go off to brood
Session 95: A Bunch of Old Men Talking Rose calls Raidou Keiko and Heinrick Visit Jarek Keiko Visit's Jarek's Head
     Session 95.1: Roseli Talks to Jamie
     Session 95.2: Keiko talks to Heinrick
     Session 95.3: Keiko talks to Roseli
     Session 95.4: Togo talks to Keiko
     Session 95.5: Roseli talks to Heinrick
Session 96: A Bad Plan
Session 97: Roman, the Sub-Marinator
Session 98: Adam & Eve, Part 1
Session 99: Adam & Eve, Part 2
Session 100: Hostage Negotiation Hostage Extermination
Session 101: Metal Bugs Eileen Escapes
Session 102: The Return of Ricardo Valmont
Session 103: A Perfect World
Session 104: Von Haupt's Final Stand
Session 105: Sword-In-Face Disease
Session 106: Road Trip
     Session 106.1: They Talk
     Session 106.2: And Talk
     Session 106.3: And Talk
     Session 106.4: And Talk
     Session 106.5: And Talk
     Session 106.6: And Talk
Session 107: Reunion Herman's Head
Session 108: Full Assault
Session 109: The Convent
Session 110: Mind Games
Session 111: The End

Characters and Players
Roseli Tavares and Jamie, played by Ardweden and RDMgryphon
Heinrick Engels and Keiko Hanano, played by Rowyn and Mechalink
Togo and Luana Hall, played by JesseLman and Wingdance

Main theme - "Misunderstood", by Dream Theater
Battle theme - "Into the Dark Night", by Michiru Yamane

Roseli's theme - "Push It" by Garbage
Jamie's theme - "Better Living Through Chemistry" by Queens of the Stone Age
Keiko's theme - "Hemisphere" from Raxephon
Luana's theme - "Rise", by Yoko Kanno
Togo's theme - "Crawling in the Dark", by Hoobanstank
Heinrick's theme - "Behind Blue Eyes", by The Who

Zarina Nahr - "Be Like That" by 3 Doors Down
Sebastian Muller - "Sons of Plunder" by Disturbed
Cyra Koenig - "Memory of Lightwaves" from the FFX-2 soundtrack

Iris Koenig - "Amber Scenery" by Michiru Yamane
Tavin von Haupt - "Toccata und Fugue in d minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach
Raidou Kuzunoha - "Raidou Kuzunoha's theme" by Shoji Meguro

Blitzkrieg theme - "Mitternacht" by E Nomine
"The Society" theme - "Infrared Threat", by Nobuyuki Shimizu

Heinrick Engels (doing the Gendo) by Rowyn
Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th, by Kazuma Kaneko
Base Ten, by JesseLman

Weiss Building: Sub Basement
Weiss Building: Basement
Weiss Building: Floor1
Weiss Building: Floor2
Weiss Building: Floor3

Other Stuff
Character Creation Rules
Background Information
Blitzkrieg Staff List
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